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 We admire and appreciate great content from many sources. Here are a few of our faves from past TTNP presenters: 

Chris Williams- Financial tips

Our founder and experienced "retire-ologist" Chris Williams has a unique perspective on the financial needs of the retired and soon-to-be retired.

Stay tuned for a series of videos on making the most of your retirement income.

Paula Stanghetta- MP TOURS

Paula has one goal in mind with MP Tours – to welcome everyone to experience life with the locals. As a result, she has created itineraries that feature local foods, wines, culture, history and architecture – unique tastes of Italy that can’t be found in any guidebook. Her love of travel and passion for her rich Italian heritage have inspired her to share Italy with you.

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Colin Williams- Williams Art & Photography


Colin's maternal great grandfather was an accomplished artist. This talent has continued through the bloodline to his daughters who demonstrate artistic creativity and to his nephew who has presented work throughout North America and Europe. Colin's interest and introduction into the world of photography started when a good friend introduced him to the Hamilton Camera Club. 

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Bernie Downey- Great Canadian Holidays & Coaches


Whether you're looking for a long weekend away in New York City, a day away to see the Toronto Maple Leafs on the road in Detroit, or a three-week sightseeing vacation to California, there's a holiday that's just right for you.

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Phil Hudson- Beechwood Wellness Pharmacy


You have questions, they have answers. In addition to traditional dispensing, Beechwood Wellness also offers compounding services. That means that they can customize your prescription to a different format to meet special needs.

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With age comes wisdom

  “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”  ― Albert Einstein