Whatever We Want!

A different approach


Our gatherings are generally an interactive information session with refreshments.  

The group suggests the topics


 Then we find local businesses or industry experts to help us learn more about the subject. 

It might be you


 Many of our presenters are also group members. We all have areas of expertise that can be shared with others. 

The fine print



There isn't any!

There is no cost or membership fee.

Unless we decide to engage in a group activity-- then we would ask participants to pay for their own entry fee or cost.

What's the catch?



There isn't one.

Unless catching some infectious enthusiasm counts...

How do I join?


Check out our event listings and attend an event that sparks your interest. Bring a friend or two if you wish. It's always nice if you RSVP (just so we have an idea of numbers), but not strictly necessary 

What do you call a person who is happy on a Monday? -Retired

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