Our Members

Our demographic


 Members typically range in age from 50-70, but we welcome all ages. Some of the group are already retired and some are working towards it. 

We meet here


 We generally meet at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Centre. This year, we plan to expand to various locations in Waterloo Region. Most of the group are from this area, but we are not bound by any geographical borders. 

But we're from everywhere


 We come from different cultural, educational and occupational backgrounds, but we share some common interests. Most importantly, we are eager to learn about new places and people. 

Our passions



Our common bonds are:

- continual learning

- self improvement

- volunteering

- redefining retirement 

Our philosophy


 Since many of us fall into the Baby Boomer generation, we lived through an era of social revolution and change. We want to to rebel against the "social norms" of what it means to be a senior. 

What we're up to...



The "Turn the Next Page" gang meets bi-weekly  for experiential seminars on a variety  of life-enhancing topics.

For a calendar of events or to find out more: 

Retirement- when you stop living at work and start working at living

 We explore topics from health, to hobbies to financial strategies so you can focus on your unique life goals. 

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